Elizabeth Gale Kartchner
2nd wife to William Decatur Kartchner
Family Group Sheet -0- Pedigree Chart

Personal History

kartchner girls (restored).jpg (19936 bytes)
Elizabeth Gale Kartchner
& her 5 daughters
named left to right
(back row: Minnie, Elsie, Etta)
(front row: Melva, Elizabeth & Zina)
10 Children of Elizabeth Gale Kartchner

Aaron Kartchner
was born on 24 Dec 1863 in Beaver, Utah and died on 6 June 1922 in Lewiston, Utah

Henry Kartchner
was born on 15 May 1866 in Millpoint, Nevada and died on 24 Aug 1868 in Utah

Culver Kartchner (Stewart)

Minnie Kartchner (Stratton)

Byrtle Kartchner (McCleve)

Darien Kartchner (McCleve)

Elsie Kartchner (Gale)

Zina Kartchner (Perkins)

Melva Kartchner (Perkins)



A special thank you to Kathleen Perkins Mitton for corrections made in name spelling and photo identification on 4 April 2010.

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